eBook Teaches American History, the Power of Imagination, and the Value of Goal Setting

Meet Children’s Book Author Ben Edwards - Boston Historian, Tour Guide, and Founder of Teach History

Grade School Teachers: This Free eBook Lets You Introduce the Beginning of the American Revolution to Your Students in a Fresh and Engaging Way!

Are you a grade school teacher who uses iPads in the classroom? Would you like to use that device to teach the start of the American Revolution in a way your students will love?

If the answer is “Yes,” you’ve just located the ideal educational product.

Picture an eBook created by an author whose ancestors actually lived in Colonial Boston and experienced the occurrences leading up to the birth of the United States firsthand.

Imagine that this story not only conveys the events of Paul Revere’s Ride and the Battles of Lexington and Concord in detail but travels into the future to teach children a positive life lesson in the power of imagination and the value of goal setting.

One April in Boston: The Gift of the Spyglass is that ideal, one-of-a-kind educational product.

Get started with the Free eBook available today at the iTunes Store! Your students will truly connect with the main characters in the story and they’ll love Cortney Skinner’s original illustrations.

A companion product consisting of an audio book and lesson plans is available for purchase. The audio book is read by award-winning narrator Phil Rosenthal, whose audio recordings for children have garnered wide acclaim. You can hear samples from the audio book below. The lesson plans are grade 5 specific, grades 4 and 6 appropriate. They cover all the key events in Boston leading up to the start of the American Revolution plus the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

To learn more about the companion product, visit our Products page.

One April in Boston

One April in Boston is a carefully crafted, meticulously researched, wonderfully illustrated, touching family history. It tells the story of the Edwards family from Boston’s earliest days to WWI weaving in their connections to famous families including the Lincolns and the Reveres. The eBook and companion audio book are rich resources for teachers who are interested in making history engaging for children.”

Nina Zannieri
Executive Director
Paul Revere Memorial Association

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