12 Boston Stories with Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards has been a private tour guide in Boston since 2004. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Paul Revere Memorial Association since 1999. Four generations of Ben’s Edwards ancestors lived in Boston from 1700-1852. His relative Sally Edwards, the older sister of Ben’s fourth-great-grandfather Benjamin Edwards (1765-1808), married silversmith Paul Revere Jr., firstborn son of patriot Paul Revere.

Ben is the author of the children’s book One April in Boston: The Gift of the Spyglass. The book is a tribute to his family’s Boston history and honors his relative Private Philip Edwards by revealing the gift he gave to the neighborhood children before leaving for France to fight in World War 1 and passing into legend. Ben’s book, originally published in 2000, was released as an eBook in 2015 and is a Free download at the iTunes Store. It is currently being marketed as a feature film or made-for-TV movie.

One April in Boston

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